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Run really fast

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Q: How do you beat koopa in super Mario 64?
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Can you play as a red koopa in super Mario 64 ds?


Can you playas RED KOOPA in super Mario 64 ds?


How do you beat koopa the quick in under 20 seconds on super Mario 64 ds?

you cant do that without action replay unless u have action replay ur not gonna beat koopa in under 20 seconds

How do you beat Bowser in Board Bowser's Sub Mario 64?

There is no Bowser in Board Bowser's sub in Super Mario 64. But, by any chance, are you talking about Super Mario 64 DS?

How do you defeat bosser in super Mario 64?

To beat bosser in super Mario 64 you run up to him grab his tail and throw him into a spike.

What is the Mario GameCube game where you jump in paintings?

What you are thinking of is Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64 which was released before the Game Cube. But, in Super Mario Sunshine for the Game Cube, you can jump into places with a multicolored "M" painted on it with Kid Koopa's Magic Paint Brush.

How do you get the secret stars in super Mario 64 ds?

You beat the game

How do you beat Luigi In The Cage in Super Mario 64 DS?


How do you beat 5 secrets of the mountain in Super Mario 64?

how do you beat 5 secrets of the moutian??????

Super Mario 64 ds what do you do after you beat bowser?

play around with the game.see what you can do.

How do you beat level condor on super Mario 64 ds?

you jump underneath it

Can anyone help you beat super Mario 64?

Yes......Use a gameshark idiot