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it is easy. all you have to do is run in tiny circles then jump.

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Q: How do you do a spin jump in super Mario sunshine?
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How do you hurt kameak in super Mario glaixy 2?

spin near him or jump on him.

How do you clear the fog in Mario super sluggers?

You spin round really fast basically when you jump in the air :-)

How do you spin jump in super Mario 64 ds?

Be Luigi and do a backflip (R+B). As he falls, Luigi should spin so you can land easier.

In what order do the Mario games go and what systems are they on not counting crap spin-offs except Dr Mario?

super Mario brothers , Mario bros. 2 , Mario bros. 3, dr.Mario ,super Mario world , super Mario world 2 (original baby Mario) , Mario 64(not DS version) , Mario sunshine, Mario galaxy, (future that Nintendo annouced.) new super Mario bros. wii, Mario galaxy 2. hope it helped and sorry if ;ast 2 werent important

How do you beat the giant mole with a shell on his head in Mario super galaxy?

first, you have to stomp (jump first and then push z when you are in the air). when he gets dizzy, spin into him.

What does the feather item do in the Mario Kart series?

it makes you spin jump high

How do you spin in a shell in new Super Mario Brothers on the ds?

Press and keep hold of the run fast button (Y)and quickly jump(B) and press down if your running fast enough you should turn in to the shell and spin

What are all of the abilities that Mario can learn in paper Mario the thousand year door?

paper airplane mode, paper flat mode, paper tube mode, paper boat mode, ground pound(called spin jump), super hammer, spring jump, ultra hammer

Where do you find the spin jump in paper Mario?

Spin the control stick around in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction a lot then press A.

Super Mario galaxy how do you do a spin attack?

Shake the Wii Remote

How do you catch the gold shell in super Mario galaxy?

spin a penguin

How do you stop skating in Super Mario Galaxy?

Just spin second time. Actually, just spinning a second time doesn't work. You need to jump then spin. I find that the most effective without loosing too much control. A ground pound is better than jump and spin.