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you talk to the man at macdonalds and first, eat the happy meal, then order 3 big macs.

after this, go to the Pokemon center and talk to the green guy in a suit. he will probably say some thing about you not getting any things or mail, something like that.

this will activate the mode of prizes in the underground. talk to the guy underground(the trap man) and he will say that you met 100 people undergound. he will give you a surprise. good luck.

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Q: What happens when you meet 100 people underground Pokemon diamond?
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How do you meet people underground in Pokemon diamond or pearl?

You can but not many

Where to buy things underground in Pokemon diamond?

Find people underground that look like hunters and you can buy traps and goods with your spheres

How do you get a spirtomb in Pokemon platinum?

Same thing you do in Diamond and Pearl, talk to 32 people underground.

Remove boulders in secret bases on Pokemon Diamond?

You have to meet other people and take their flags in the Underground.

How do you greet people in Pokemon diamond?

By fighting and traveling with the Pokemon, not letting the Pokemon get KO'd and feeding it poffins that it likes

How can you get a Spiritomb in Pokemon diamond?

You can get a Spiritomb after you insert the Odd Keystone into the broken tower (Hallowed Tower) and talked to 32 people underground.

Pokemon diamond where do you get traps?

Some people underground, they look like hikers, will sell you traps or goods for spheres, or they want to buy them.

What does the well do that you put the odd keystone in Pokemon diamond?

you get a spirttomb by talking to people underground 32 times. P.S this will take a long time

How do you communicate with people underground using WI-FI in Pokemon diamond?

It's actually not wi-fi. It's local connection so you have to be near people to communicate with people.

Where can you find Spiritomb in pokemon diamond?

You can find Spiritomb at Hallowed Tower Requires Odd Keystone and talking to 32 People total in Sinnoh Underground.

How Do you communicate with people underground in Pokemon pearl without wifi?

Sinnoh underground uses DS wirelless communications not Wi-Fi You need another DS and another Pokémon Diamond/pearl to use it completely

How do you get spiratomb in Pokemon diamond?

After you place odd keystone in broken stone tower, making it Hallowed Tower, greet 32 people in the underground. Afterward touch it and press A.