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Once you have completed the pokedex I think you should try and evolve them all and then get them all to level 100 although its impossible to complete the pokedex without an action replay

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Q: What happens when you complete the pokedex in Pokemon white?
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How do you get the national pokedex on Pokemon white?

Complete the game and then go to Prof. Junipers Lab.

Do you need victini in order to complete the pokedex on Pokemon black and white?

Since Victini is numbered #000 in the Unova pokedex, I'd say yes, you need or see Victini in order to complete the pokedex

What is the most easy way to complete the pokedex on Pokemon white?

Keep battling people, trade!

What happens when you complete the pokedex and also the national dex in Pokemon white?

You get a diploma message for each, nothing much but completing the entire National Dex isn't something that you can do overnight

Could you find Reshiram on Pokemon white?

you can find reshiram in the center of unova when you complete the national pokedex

What Pokemon is number 641 in the pokedex in pokemon white?

Tornadus is 641st in the Pokedex.

How many Pokemon in black and white 2 pokedex?

There are 300 Pokemon in the Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 Unova Pokedex.

What pokedex has all 649 Pokemon?

The National Pokedex of Black or White.

How do you check what region a Pokemon is from in Pokemon White?

You can't. But you can figure it out by looking at it's pokedex# and what other pokemon are near it in the pokedex.

What pokemon comes after virizion in the Pokemon white pokedex?


Who is the Pokemon in pokedex number 429 in pokemon white?

It is Mismagius.

Is there a national pokedex in Pokemon white?

All Pokemon main series games share one national pokedex.