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You can't finish "Zombies" on "Call of Duty Black Ops" .They are just endless waves of zombies until you die and start all over again.

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Q: What happens when you beat zombies in black ops?
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How do you beat Call of Duty Black Ops zombies?

you need to not die and you can beat it

What happens when you get reported on black ops zombies?

you get banned

How do you beat first level of zombies in black ops?

Shoot the zombies and don't die. What else?

How do you get new maps on zombies for black ops?

Beat the campaign and you will unlock them

How do you get the last zombies area in black ops in PS3?

youhave to beat the campaign

How do you get pentagon in black ops zombies?

You can beat it or type in 3ARC UNLOCK on the computer

Can you beat nazi zombies on black ops wii?

no the game just goes on

Is Black ops 2 Zombies harder than Black Ops Zombies?

Black Ops 2 Zombies is harder but also way funner than Black Ops Zombies.

How do you beat all the levels of black ops?

shoot all the zombies and try to survive!

How do you unlock level five in zombies black ops?

Beat the game on any difficulty.

What happnens when you beat campaign on black ops 2?

you go to BO2 Zombies to TranZit

How do you unlock new stages in zombies black ops?

Beat the game and you unlock the pentagon