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Shoot the Zombies and don't die. What else?

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Q: How do you beat first level of zombies in black ops?
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How do you unlock level five in zombies black ops?

Beat the game on any difficulty.

Can you pass a level in Cod Black Ops Zombies if you do it online?

Technically you cant beat zombies but online you can only go to round 42

Do you need to beet the campaign in black ops to play zombies?

No, if you beat the first level in campain, you can unlock the first zombie level. But, to unlock the others, you either have to beat the campain or, assuming you know how to break out of the chair, break out of the chair and go to the computer and type in, 3ARC UNLOCK

How do you beat level 4 on Plants vs Zombies?

easy, just kill the zombies

Do you have to beat the black ops game to play zombies on it?

No, but if you complete the campaign you get another level on zombies called "Five", whereas you start off only having "Kino Der Toten".

How do you beat Call of Duty Black Ops zombies?

you need to not die and you can beat it

How do you get fivemap for black ops zombies on wii?

they don't give you the map Five for the wii

How do you beat five on black ops?

Simple Just kill all the zombies Zombie Mode keeps coming until you die you can not beat it because it just keeps having a new level

How do you get new maps on zombies for black ops?

Beat the campaign and you will unlock them

How do you beat level 3-5 Plants vs Zombies?

By planting plants and defeating the zombies. Best tactic is to hold zombies off with the walnuts.

What happens when you beat zombies in black ops?

You can't finish "Zombies" on "Call Of Duty Black Ops" .They are just endless waves of zombies until you die and start all over again.

Do you get anything after you beat call of duty world at war?

You receive an achievement and you unlock the first Nazi zombies level, nacht der urden.