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It means there getting old and they wont come back.

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Q: What happens when animals retire in the game Simanimals Wii?
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What seasonal plants are there on Simanimals?

Some examples of seasonal plants in Simanimals include snowdrops in winter, bluebells in spring, sunflowers in summer, and pumpkins in autumn. Each season brings its own unique plants that attract different animals to the game.

How do you breed the raptor on Simanimals Africa Ds game?

You can't breed the raptor because it is genderless. I may be wrong but i have never came up with an option to breed it.

Can you unlock a tiger in simanimals Wii?

I've never herd of it but it is true that tigers can live in south Africa, I think. But I don't know if you can get it in the game so far.

How Do you put downloaded animals on your zoo tycoon 2 game?

It happens automatically and will be there when you next use your zoo.

How do you save your game on simanimals?

All you have to do is when your playing the game, press 2 on the wii remote. After doing so, there will be a small message that says "Save Game". Sounds simple enough. After that, with the wii remote, press A on that area and the game will be saving. Remember, do NOT turn off the power or it will not save. I love the Simanimals game and its sooo much fun!!! :D

Why doesn't webkinz tell us they will retire a game on the newspaper before they retire them?

nobody knows

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I Suppose you figure that From ea mma but no you can retire when you want but if you are refering to the game yes you have to retire at 40 fights

Are there codes for simanimals Africa?

Yes this is two for the wii game;Pink elephant: fcwj6wRainbow zebra: 45sbyvI've just used them and they work! Hope this helps.

Will farve play agin?

Brett loves the game too much to retire...

What happens when you retire in the PC game fate?

If you create a decendent, you will be prompted to create a new character, who will receive an item of your choice from the retired character with its power increced by 25%, plus a boost in fame. The retired charcter is no longer playable.

What do you call animals that are hunted for food?

"Game" animals.

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Nothing happens.