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Green= wii is on

yellow= wii connect 24 is on

red= wii system is off and wii connect 24 is off

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Q: What happens if your wii power button is yellow?
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What Happens When the Light on the Power Button on a Wii Turns Yellow?

It means to standby

What Happens when a wii power button goes green?

This means the Wii is on. If its yellow this means its on standby, If its red its just on wait mode.

What happens if the power button light on the wii goes off?

Nothing. It probably means either the power has cut out or it isn't plugged in properly. When the Wii is on standby mode the power light will be red or yellow.

What color is the wii power button supposed to be when you turn it off?

red or yellow

How to fix a frozen Wii game?

Sometimes, a Wii game will freeze. Unfortunately, it happens. When the game won't respond nor will the Wii remotes, eject the game. Press and hold the Power button on the Wii console. Next, unplug the Wii. (Generally unplugging the AV cables [red, white, yellow] will do the trick). You will see the screen go black. Wait for about a minute, plug them back in, press/hold the power button and you should be back on the main Wii menu.

What is the toggle on Wii?

The Power button? o.O

How do you power on your Wii?

Press the power button on the console, or if you have a Wii Remote connected to the console, the power button on the remote. The power button on the console is located to the top-left of the disk slot, and above the D-Pad on the remote.

How do you turn on a wii remote?

Press the power button.

'how do you turn off a Wii'?

you hit the power button

How do you make the Wii remote come on?

In the top left corner there is a power button. Turn off your Wii and press the power button on your Wii remote. If that doesn't work make sure you have working batteries in the Wii remote.

What do you do when the Wii will not turn on?

If the power light is green, the console is already on.If the power light is red or yellow, try using the power button on the console(as opposed to the power button on the remote).If the power light is black, the power might be out, it might be switched off at the mains, or it might not be plugged in properly.

When you turn off your wii the light is normally yellow but today it turned red is that bad?

That is good. It means that you did "turn off" your Wii. Yellow is more of a suspend or sleep mode. By holding in the power button a bit longer, the Wii will power down. it also means than your wii connect 24 is now off so the red light will always be on unless you put your wii connect 24 back on so here it is YELLOW LIGHT= WII CONNECT 24 IS ON RED LIGHT= WII CONNECT 24 IS OFF GREEN LIGHT = WII IS ON

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