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Well it depends on what you do, if you break one of the rules you will get banned for a period of time or FOREVER!

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Q: What happens if you are reported in Club Penguin?
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What happens if you get reported on Club Penguin?

You die

How can you get reported on Club Penguin?

its Easy just ask your friends in Club penguin get it? my name is Abigail2612 on club penguin

What do you do when you get reported on cp?

If you get reported on club penguin you have to log off faster as you can and you will not be reported.

How can you die on Club Penguin?

You can't die on Club Penguin, but if you swear or get reported allot you can get booted off.

How do you know when you get reported by someone on Club Penguin?

you will be banned from playing.

How do you get on club penguin if you are reported?

Unless you are banned you can still log on.

Can people see you do thing on penguin storm?

Yes, you will be reported. Club penguin has moderation 24/7.

What happens when you quit Club Penguin?

If you quit club penguin, your account will be automatically deleted in 60 days.

What happens if you swear on Club Penguin?

If you swear on club penguin you will be banned from club penguin for so long then you will be allowed back on unless you get banned FOREVER!!! willrr...

Are you allowed to ask how old someone is on club penguin?

No. If you do then you might get reported and banned.

If you get reported in Club Penguin do you get banned?

No, you won't. But you will lose your ability to be a Secret Agent and will not be allowed into HQ. So you don't get banned from Club Penguin, but you get banned from your Spy Phone.

How do you get a knife in Club Penguin?

That is very unappropriate in Club Penguin. You cannot get a knife and if you want to kill a penguin or puffle, even yourself, Club Penguin is not the place for you. That is a very unappropriate thing to do in Club Penguin. If that ever happens, I will report you to the moderators and get banned forever!