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Cameraclops has an effect that triggers at the start of the Damage Step. That means the Blue-Eyes White Dragon is safe if Cameraclops is destroyed after it declares the attack, but before the Damage Step. So if the attack is responded to by Sakuretsu Armor, Cameraclops will be destroyed and nothing else will happen.

However if the attack is not stopped, you will enter the Damage Step. Cameraclops' effect will trigger, and since Blue-Eyes White Dragon's DEF is higher than Cameraclops ATK, Blue-Eyes will be destroyed when the effect resolves.

Since Blue-Eyes was destroyed before Damage Calculation, the attack ends. Cameraclops is not destroyed even though it attacked a stronger monster, and neither player loses life points. Cameraclops still counts as having attacked so cannot declare a new attack that turn.

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Q: What happens if Cameraclops attacks a monster with higher DEF than Cameraclops' ATK in Yu-Gi-Oh?
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