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After you solve the puzzle, you go through the door in the back that opens up. There'll be some glyphs and an item. Afterwards, 5 new Unown will be wandring out in the main chambers.

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Q: What happens after you solve the puzzle in the ruins of alph in Pokemon crystal?
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Do you press start after doing one puzzle in the ruins of alph im Pokemon crystal?

no it will do everything itself

What is in the tanoby ruins?

The Tanoby ruins contain the Unknown Pokemon once the Tanoby key puzzle is solved. The Unknown Pokemon form the letters of the alphabet.

What do you o in tabony ruins in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Tanoby Ruins is the main location for catching Unown in Pokemon LeafGreen. To get the Unown to appear in the ruins you need to complete the Tanoby Key puzzle.

How do you make the puzzle of the Pokemon at alph ruins in Pokemon Crystal?

there are different puzzles in ruins of alph, altogether four. you must keep switching the rocks until you get a picture of a pokemon. one has to be a kabuto, also omontye, and aerodactyal . i can't really remember the rest, i haven't done it in so long. i hope that answers your question!

Can you catch smeargle in Pokemon Crystal?

Yes, in the Ruins of Alph(uncommon)

How do you get all the unowns in Pokemon Crystal?

by completing the puzzels in the ruins of alph

Where do you go after you complete the ruins puzzle in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Go into the tanoby chambers to catch the Pokemon unown.

What are the tenoby ruins on Pokemon LeafGreen?

The tanoby chambers are ruins where a certain Pokemon is lurking to find that Pokemon you must first solve the boulder puzzle in tanoby key once you do that you can find that Pokemon in the chambers.

How do you catch unown?

in pokemon LEAFGREEN/FIRERED you can catch them in the tanoby chambers after you unlock a puzzle in a cave in the sevault canyon called tanoby key using strengh. in pokemon GOLD/SILVER/CRYSTAL you must unlock at least one of the puzzles in ruins of the alph then unown well appear in the visitors room where you fall after after you unlock a puzzle.

How do you solve the lugia puzzle in the Ruins of the Alphs in Pokemon soulsilver?

It's either a Ho-Oh puzzle or Aerodactyl puzzle, actually. For the Ho-Oh puzzle, bring Ho-Oh. For the Aerodactyl puzzle, use Flash.

What does the first message say in Ruins of Alph on Pokemon Crystal Version?

The first one on the wall behind the puzzle says escape (use escape rope, it opens) the second, (surf down to it) says light. (use flash)

How do you catch unknows in Pokemon Crystal?

I'm not sure if Crystal is the same (it should be), but in Silver and Gold versions Unown can be found in the Ruins of Alph.