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no it will do everything itself

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Q: Do you press start after doing one puzzle in the ruins of alph im Pokemon crystal?
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How do you get fly Pokemon Crystal?

Press L+R and make you blow ur guts out!!

In Pokemon Crystal what order do you press the switches in Goldenrod City basement warouse entrance?

Actually its 3,,2,1 and u get it all unlocked

How do you see the Pokemon happiness soul silver?

okay you see a Pokemon's happiness by clicking the back button to your DS facing your Pokemon and then press a and it shall tell you what your Pokemon is doing and how it is feeling. Hope i helped

What games are there on Moshi Monsters and where are they?

they are in puzzle palace, when your in your moshi monsters house press that puzzle button.

What switches do you have to press to get in the underground warehouse on pokemon crystal?

To open all the doors, you will have to press the third switch first, the second switch second, and the first switch last. After you do this, the passageway will open. To get the other items in the place, you will have to press the buttons differently, but idk how to do that XP

How do you select a Pokemon while battling?

go to Pokemon and press a Pokemon then press shift

What do you press to cut the trees in Pokemon emerald?

Well first you need a pokemon that can use cut. Then stand in front of the tree and press the A(talk/action) button. There will be a question asking if you would like to cut the tree. Another way of doing this is to stand in front of the tree, open up your menu, clicking on the pokemon that can use cut and press cut.

Why can't i catch any sea Pokemon in emerald?

you either need a rod or your doing something wrong oh and when this pops up ! press a until a pokemon pops up

When you own Pokemon how do you delete them?

go to the computer and press move Pokemon then select the Pokemon and press release

When a Pokemon bites a fishing rod on Pokemon diamond what button do you press?

press a

How do you find pending orders puzzle pirates?

press the ye category and then your name and press items and it will show

In Pokemon Blue how do you swim?

go to Pokemon then press the Pokemon that knows surf press surf that's how u do it!