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To open all the doors, you will have to press the third switch first, the second switch second, and the first switch last. After you do this, the passageway will open. To get the other items in the place, you will have to press the buttons differently, but idk how to do that XP

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Q: What switches do you have to press to get in the underground warehouse on pokemon crystal?
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How do you get to the director in the underground warehouse in Pokemon crystal?

go to the bottem

Where is the underground warehouse Pokemon Crystal?

The warehouse is in Goldenrod City, it is a small building NW of the city.

Which switch needs to be on in the underground in Pokemon crystal?

Just turn on all 3 switches

Where do you find the underground warehouse in Pokemon Crystal?

first,go to under ground at goldenrod city and straight rigt.

How can you do the switches in Pokemon Crystal?

You will need to explain what Switches you need help on, since the only ones I can think of are in the Goldenrod Underground during the Rocket Siege

Where is the underground Pokemon Crystal?

beneath the floor

Where is the secret team rocket base in Pokemon crystal?

It is underground

Where does the train go in Pokemon Crystal?

It switches between the two regions you can go to.

How do you get past the underground warehouse in Pokemon gold?

you have to eat a sandwhich that you get from the wicked witch of the west

Where is the underground warehouse in Pokemon Crystal?

first, you go to lake of rage in Mahogany Town. then there is a guy that is a guy that is looking at a sign, you talk to him. he will vanish. leave lake of rage. then a sign is next to a house. go in the house. the guy that you talked to at lake of rage is in there. he finds the secret stairs. go down the stairs. that's the underground warehouse. enjoy:) !

What is the switch combination in the underground basement in Pokemon crystal version?


Where do you get coin case in Pokemon Crystal?

golden rod city underground