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When you get all the trophies that the game offers you will receive what is called a Platinum Trophy and that means you have gotten all trophies possible for a 100% total.

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Q: What happens after you get all of the trophies for a game on PS3?
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Will prototype the game have trophies?

All new games for the PS3 MUST have trophies. So yes, it will. You can confirm this on the PS3 forums.

Why wont your ps3 give you any trophies anymore?

Your ps3 has given you all the trophies you can collect on the game you are currently playing. If your ps3 has stopped giving you trophies, go to the game menu and go to "TROPHIES" of your user and you will find that you have collected every trophy you could.

How many trophies can you get on the PS3?

the number of trophies you get all depends on the game you get. on some games there are no trophies and in others there are hundreds. to find out if you have ever played a trophie game, go to the game tab an select the trophie tab.

What is the easiest way to get a platinum trophy on ps3?

unlock all other trophies in a game

Does Beijing 2008 for the PS3 have trophies?

no none at all

How many platinum trophies are there for the PS3?

Just find a list of all PS3 games there are and count them. Take away the ones without trophies and the number left is the amount of platinum trophies there are.

Do you lose all trophies i have for Fallout 3 if I buy Fallout 3 game of year edition?

no it just puts new trophies for u to achieve. fallout3 is awesome whats your ps3 account name

If you put cheats on red dead rempertion what happens?

It disables all achievements/trophies and doesn't save the game.

Does the PS3 have gamer achievements?

Yes, but they are not called achievements. They are equal to achievements an are called trophies. Only certain games on the ps3 have achivements, most of the new ones. Not all games have trophies, but the games that do, share the same trophies as xbox 360 achievements. There are bronze for easy achievements, silver for medium, gold for hard achievements, and platnium if you get all the achievements for 1 game, which is hard to do. Godfather 2 is very easy to do it, however.

How do you achieve platnum on MW2?

I'm assuming u mean ps3 trophies? in which case you have to get all the other trophies and it gives you that trophie automatically

To get all PS3 trophies in guitar hero 5 do you need the drum kit and mic controllers as well as the guitar one?

yes. it is key for getting all the trophies

What is PS3 trophy error?

a trophy error means all or some of your trophies cant be read by the ps3 so they are not going to register and one or more of your games may not play because of this. if you have this error you can fix it but you may lose all of your trophies for the affected game data. i fixed mine by saving my game data to a thumb stick and then deleting the game save data then i shut off the ps3 then switched the main power switch in the back off for a few minutes. then i turned the ps3 back on and copied my game saved data back to the ps3 with the thumbstick. my COD Modern Warfare 2 works like a champ now! Hope this helped SGT Weinbrenner