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the number of trophies you get all depends on the game you get. on some games there are no trophies and in others there are hundreds. to find out if you have ever played a trophie game, go to the game tab an select the trophie tab.

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Q: How many trophies can you get on the PS3?
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Has every single PS3 game have trophies?

No many PS3 games do not have trophies. a link of a list or PS3 games has been added and the last column on the list indicates whether they have trophies

How many platinum trophies are there for the PS3?

Just find a list of all PS3 games there are and count them. Take away the ones without trophies and the number left is the amount of platinum trophies there are.

IsGolden axe beast rider trophies for PS3?

No the Game does not have trophies for PS3

Are there achivments in PS3?

No the PS3 has trophies for most newer games and many of the older ones

Can you get achievements for PS3?

The PS3 has trophies

Can you download PS3 trophies and put them on your PS3?


Does nba 2k11 for PS3 have trophies?

Yes everygame released on the ps3 after Jan. 2009 is required to have trophies

Can you get ps3 trophies in demo?

yes, I have a lot of trophies from demos

Why wont your ps3 give you any trophies anymore?

Your ps3 has given you all the trophies you can collect on the game you are currently playing. If your ps3 has stopped giving you trophies, go to the game menu and go to "TROPHIES" of your user and you will find that you have collected every trophy you could.

What ps3 games has the most trophies?

Burnout Paradise 98 trophies

Most trophies in a game PS3?

Burnout Paradise 98 trophies

Will prototype the game have trophies?

All new games for the PS3 MUST have trophies. So yes, it will. You can confirm this on the PS3 forums.