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Byron in Canalave

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Q: What gym allows you to use the hm strength?
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What gym leader allows you to use strength in Pokemon FireRed?

The Gym Leader that allows you to use the HM move Strength in Pokemon FireRed is Erika. Erika is the Gym Leader of Celadon City and is the 4th Gym Leader the player faces.

In Pokemon pearl which gym is it to use hm strength?


How do you get the hm strength and defog on Pokemon Diamond Version?

you get hm strength and hm defog after defeating two gym leader.Fantina(defog) Byron(strength).

What hm do you get to use if you beat the 6th gym leader in LeafGreen?

i am pretty sure it's strength.

Who do you need to defeat to use the hm strength outside of battle?

beat the forth gym leader

Where do you get Hm Strength in Pokemon liquid crystal?

In Pokemon Liquid Crystal, you can obtain HM Strength by defeating the Sootopolitan Gym Leader. After defeating the Gym Leader, he will give you the HM as a reward for your victory.

How do you get hm strength in emerald?

by wining a certain gym battle

How do you get the HM strength in dark cry?

6th gym on platinum

How do you get the hm move strenghth in platinum pokemon for ds?

To get Strength, you have to go to the Lost Tower nearby Solaceon Town. At the top floor, one of the ladies there wil give you the HM for Strength. However, you must have defeated Byron, the Gym Leader of Canavalve City, to use the HM for Strength.

Which HM allows boulders to moved in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

The HM strength

Where is hm strngth in Pokemon Diamond?

You can get the HM Strength after you beat the 7th Gym Leader, Byron. He will give you the HM immediately after defeating him.

Which is the third gym's HM and where do you find it in Pokemon heart gold?

the third gym's HM is Strength. Receive from the Hiker who comes out of Mt. Mortar on Route 42