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Simple. *go to MIRAGE TOWER *get a mach bike *ride fastly past the holes *at the end you can choose 2 fossils *choose the claw fossil *you will get ANORITH bring him up to lvl. 40 and he will evolve into an ARMOLDO

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Q: What fossil do you get in Pokemon sapphire to get armadillo?
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What Pokemon is the root fossil in Pokemon sapphire?

root fossil is lileep claw fossil is anorith

Pokemon Sapphire-what Pokemon do you get from a claw fossil?

You'll get an Anorith. CLAW fossil- anorith root fossil-lileep helix fossil- kabuto

What stone is which Pokemon in the sandstorm on sapphire?

The Root fossil is the Pokemon Lileep and the Claw fossil is anorith =D

How can you get the other fossil on Pokemon sapphire?

dig dig dig

How do you get cradily in Pokemon Sapphire?

Cradily can only be obtained in Pokemon Sapphire by evoling a Lileep. Lileeps can be obtained by resurrecting a Root Fossil.

What is claw fossil in Pokemon Sapphire?

If given to the Devon researcher in the Devon corporation the claw fossil can be revived into Anorith.

How do you get dig on Pokemon Sapphire?

talk to the fossil man west of fallarbor town

Where do you get dig in Pokemon Sapphire?

go to fossil manics house and talk to the girl by the tunnel

Where is fossil manics in Pokemon sapphire?

he is in lavaridge town on the top left side of the town

Where is the fossil maniacs house at in Pokemon sapphire?

fallourbaur town in route 114 there is a house

How do you get dig on Pokemon sapphire I need it now?

From the Fossil Maniac's house, which is in route 114.

Where can you find more fossil Pokemon in sapphire?

In Sapphire you only can get one of the two fossils found in the desert. If you have a trade buddy you could trade over the fossil Pokemon from Fire Red/Leaf Green and the second one from Ruby/Sapphire. In emerald you get both Hoenn Fossils, but at different points in the game.