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If given to the Devon researcher in the Devon corporation the claw fossil can be revived into Anorith.

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Q: What is claw fossil in Pokemon Sapphire?
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Pokemon Sapphire-what Pokemon do you get from a claw fossil?

You'll get an Anorith. CLAW fossil- anorith root fossil-lileep helix fossil- kabuto

What Pokemon is the root fossil in Pokemon sapphire?

root fossil is lileep claw fossil is anorith

What stone is which Pokemon in the sandstorm on sapphire?

The Root fossil is the Pokemon Lileep and the Claw fossil is anorith =D

What Pokemon is the Claw Fossil?

The Claw Fossil is Anorith.

What do the fossils in Pokemon Sapphire turn into?

The fossils in Pokemon Sapphire can be revived into two different Pokemon. The Root Fossil can be revived into Lileep, a Rock/Grass type Pokemon, while the Claw Fossil can be revived into Anorith, a Rock/Bug type Pokemon.

Get the claw fossil or the root fossil in sapphire?

In Pokémon Sapphire, you can choose to revive either the Claw Fossil into Anorith or the Root Fossil into Lileep. The decision is up to personal preference based on which Pokémon you prefer to have on your team.

Where can you find fossil claw in sapphire version?

in the ground

Where is the claw fossil in sapphire?

It is in the Northeast corner of the desert.

What are the Pokemon in the fossils in ruby?

In Pokemon Ruby, the fossils that can be revived are the Root Fossil, which revives into Lileep, and the Claw Fossil, which revives into Anorith. Lileep is a Rock/Grass type Pokemon and Anorith is a Rock/Bug type Pokemon.

How do you get a lilleep?

To get a Lileep in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald you need to revive a Root Fossil. The Root Fossil can be found on Route 111 however choosing it will cost you the ability to get the Claw Fossil. Alternatively you can trade for a Lileep from another game if you've picked the Claw Fossil.

How do you get an anorith in Pokemon sapphire?

Go to where the desert (there's a sandstorm) is, you'll find a fossil (like a rock) and there's 2. Pick the claw fossil up not the root fossil. The other one sinks and is gone forever. The claw fossil is anorith, the root one is lileep. Then go to rustbro city and a scientist will turn the fossil to a pokemon.

How do you get kabutops in sapphire?

In Pokemon Sapphire, you can't catch Kabutops in the wild. You have to first obtain a Claw Fossil from the Mirage Tower on Route 111. Then take the Claw Fossil to the Devon Corporation in Rustboro City to revive it into a Kabuto. Finally, level up Kabuto to lvl 40 to evolve it into Kabutops.