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Lev Tolstoy (was a Russian novelist)

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Q: What famous person has 3 letters in first name and 7 letters in last name?
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What famous person has 4 letters for first name and first and last letter r the same and 6 letters for last name?

Hugh Hefner

What is a famous person with 3 letters in first name and four letters in last name?

Marie Antoinette

What famous person has 3 letters in first name and 3 letters in last name?

Lev Tolstoy (was a Russian novelist)

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What famous person's last name contains 10 letters?

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What famous actor has 3 letters in first name and 7 letters in last name?

Suk Mypenis

What is a famous black woman that has 7 letters for the first name and 7 letters for the last name?

Harriet Tubbman

Who is a famous singer 5 letters first name 6 last name if you take last letter of first name and entire last name you can rearrange to get the place which the singer is famous for singing?

Michael Jackson.

What famous actresses name has 4 letters in the first name and 5 in the last if you drop the last letter on the first name and 2 in the last name you will get a capital?

Lisa Bonet ; Lisbon

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i think that the best singer that there ever was is Rihanna

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The Alamo

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