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Yamcha and bulma get together right after goku turns into a great ape in i think ....Episode...... 10

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Q: What episode of Dragonball do bulma and yamcha get together?
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When does Yamcha meet Bulma?

In DragonBall Season one

What episode of ball z is bulma naked?

6 and 6 yamcha sees bulma naked,but you only see her also see her take a shower.later yamcha squeezes bulma's boob believing its a dragonball,pulls of the cover and again you see bulma's 71 krillin pulls off bulma's top.her breasts are shown a half second so you need to slow down time to see.

In what episode does bulma flash roshi?

dragonball episode 3

What episode does yamcha dump bulma?

As a matter of fact, Bulma actually dumps Yamcha. He mentions it in the episode "He's Always Late", which is one of the last episodes of DBZ. The break up is never actually shown in the anime however.

Which dragonballz episode has bulma and chi chi swapping husbands?

In episode 288 of Dragonball Z

Who did yamcha cheat on bulma with?

No one, he didn't get another girlfriend after Bulma.

When do yamcha and bulma kiss?

Bulma and Yamcha never kiss there was no kissing in the dragon ball series and bulma and yamcha never kissed becuse bulma dumped yamcha for vegeta PS my favorite dbz couple becuse i guess bulma found yamcha cheating on her

What episode of dragonball z does vegeta meet bulma?

bulma watches vegeta on tv in the saiyan saga but they meet in "person" during the namek episodes

Does yamcha have a girlfriend?

If you are talking about yamcha from dragonball (Z/GT), yes he had a girlfriend bulma, however they broke-up in dbz, and bulma started dating vegeta, Yamchas dating life has not been clear, but from what we've seen, no he doesn't

Who acts out bulma in dragonball evolution?

Emmy Rossum

Who is younger chi- chi or bulma?

Chi-Chi, she was a little girl when Goku and Bulma first met her in Dragonball, while Bulma was in her late teens

What is bulma from dragonball gt daughter name?

Bulla Briefs