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The first time is (Orig ep#156/ Dubbed ep#141- Bow to the prince) about 14mins into the episode

The Second and proper time he does it is when Goku is doing a kamehameha against him in episode (Orig ep#160/ Dubbed ep#145- Cell is Complete) about 12mins into the episode

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Q: What episode is it when gohan first turns super saiyan?
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What episode does gohan turn super saiyan 2?

gohan turns super saiyan 2 in episode number #170 It's actually DBZ Episode 185-Awakening

What episode does gohan go super saiyan 2?

Actually Gohan goes super saiyan 2 in the episode The Unleashing.

When will Gohan become a Super saiyan?

episode 156

What episode is it when gohan first turns super saiyan 2?

160 is when he first went super saiyan 2 after training with goku (his dad) as a super saiyan 1 he was angry because cell killed so many people and killed one right in front of him so he got angry and went SUPER SAIYAN 2. P.S super saiyan 2 is the highest super saiyan gohan can do but in dragon ball AF gohan goes super saiyan 4 and goku goes super saiyan 50 that is all i can tell you.

Who is stronger gohan in super saiyan 4 or vegeta in super saiyan 4?

Gohan can't go Super Saiyan 4- only pure Super-Saiyans (Like Vegeta) can do that, and Gohan is half-human.

How do you into super saiyan in super dragonballs for plastation while usind gohan?

You can't. The game only features Gohan as a base-level Saiyan, not as Super-Saiyan.

Dragon Ball Z legend of super saiyan 2?

The episode when gohan goes ss2

Who would win super saiyan 2 gohan or legendary super saiyan broly?

super saiyan 2 gohan because if gohan beated cell and cell can beat broly so gohan can just do father son kamehameha

Who is stronger gohan or future trunks?

Gohan is the strongest saiyan on dragon ball. Not super saiyan but normal form saiyan. Only not best super saiyan because he can't go super saiyan 4.

What episode did bojack fight gohan?

Gohan Fought Bojack in the 9th Movie of DBZ and Killed Bojack By using the Super Saiyan 2.

How old was gohan when it was his first time turning into a super saiyan?


How old when gohan turns super saiyan for the first time?