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Gohan is the strongest saiyan on dragon ball. Not super saiyan but normal form saiyan. Only not best super saiyan because he can't go super saiyan 4.

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Q: Who is stronger gohan or future trunks?
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Who is stronger trunks or ultimate gohan?

Gohan is way stronger than Trunks.

Who is better trunks or gohan?

If your talking about future trunks, then he could barely escape the androids 17 and 18 in the future. Gohan, being the ultimate half-breed Sayain, beat cell when he was just a teenager. Considering the fact that gohan grows up, gets more control, and gets way stronger... GOHAN! =D

Who is stronger super trunks or ultimate gohan?

Ultimate Gohan is stronger.

Who is strong gohan or trunks?

they are both pretty strong but gohan is stronger than trunks

Who is better gohan or gotenks?

Gotenks, because he is a fusion of Goten and Trunks. Gohan is stronger. Gohan is stronger and better.

How old is gohan when future trunks come to the past?

Gohan is 7 when Trunks first appears in DBZ.

Who is stronger trunks or gohan?

gohan is stronger than trunk gohan can go super saiyan 2 and trunk too but gohan is stronger EDIT:trunks is stronger because trunks beat frieza and king cold no sweat while gohan counldnt put a scratch on frieza

Is Trunks stronger Than Future Trunks?

no future trunks is way stronger especailly in ssj2

Who is trunks best friend gohan or goten?

In Dbz it is goten, but in the dbz movie history of future trunks its gohan cause since goku got sick goten was never born and gohan was trunks' mentor!

Who is stronger Trunks or Future Trunks?

Future Trunks would be stronger because just because trunks was a ssj at a younger age doesn't me he is stronger than future trunks.Besides you barely see trunks fight while future trunks always has a battle.

In which episode of DBZ does Future Gohan get killed by the androids?

The Dragon Ball Z Chapter that Future Gohan gets killed in by the Androids is in the Trunks Saga, the episode is called The History of Trunks!

List of all characters from dragon ball raging blast?

Goku gohan teen gohan adult gohan vegeta kid trunks future trunks suoer trunks goten ssj goten xarbon and many more