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Gohan Fought Bojack in the 9th Movie of DBZ and Killed Bojack By using the Super Saiyan 2.

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Q: What episode did bojack fight gohan?
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In which episode is the gohan vs bojack?

It's not in the main series. It's in the movie "Bojack Unbound."

What episode is Goku vs bojack?

Movie bojack unbound however Goku only comes to live 4 3 sec to protect gohan ends up only punching bojack Movie is more gohan vs bojack

DBZ-Who is Zangya?

zangya is a women, the same race as Bojack and appears in the movie (Movie 9: Bojack Unbound) she barely fought gohan, she fights krillin. She was fighting Gohan super saiyan and when Gohan transformed once more Bojack killed her and fought Gohan

Who killed bojack on Dragon Ball Z?

gohan did

What episode did Piccolo give Gohan clothes like his?

befor gohan went to fight cell

How did Bojack die?

First Gohan goes SSJ2 then, after killing Bojack's minions, he punches Bojack through the gut and then hits him with a kamehameha attack that clashes with the dead-wouldge pirate-gypsy own energy attack. And apparently Gohan punches through Bojack during the clash.

Does Bojack kill gohan?

not in the movie but in dbm by fans he dos

What episode does Goku and gohan fight?

episode 75 in the fortune teller baba saga

What episode is the gohan vs cell?

somewhere in 170 through 183 i think

What episode does gohan fight cell?

It is 166 or 181, try either of those. The episode is called 'Faith in a boy'

What episode did ultimate gohan fight buu?

he fought buu on episode 141 or 142 through 150 I think.

Where can you find all dbz episode with pics of gohan fighting fireza and gohan fight goku in the room of tiem getting gohan to go ssj in hd?

i know of 2 good sites you tube or i dragon ball.cpm