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Ash's Chimchar evolves into a Monferno in Pokémon DP Galactic Battles episode 27. It is titled "Evolving Strategies". its ep 601

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Q: What episode does Ash's Chimchar evolve to Monferno?
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What episode does ashs monferno evolove?

he evolves into infernape in dp ep 163 so far its called:explosive evolution! goukazaru!

In which episode of Pokemon Battle Frontier does grovyle evolve?

the episode that ashs grovyle evolves is odd Pokemon out that's the name of the episode and the season is battle frontier

When does ashs grotle evolve?

Ash's Grotle evolved in the episode "Aiding The Enemy!". It evolved during a battle with a trainer's Honchrow.

Will ashs snivey evolve?

No,Ash's snivey wont evolve

In what season does ashs grovyle evolve?

Ash's Grovyle evolves into Sceptile in the Advanced Geneation series episode number 161 titled 'Odd Pokemon Out!'.

Is chimchar Ashs strongest Pokemon?

Well, it might be but right now it isn't, because Ash also has a Charizard which is a lot stronger than Chimchar and also its flying and even if Chimchar evolves intoInfernape, Flying is good against fighting but overall, Chimchar has the potential to become a better Pokemon .

What episode does ashs phany evolve?

it evolves in reversing the charges,it is the 154th episode of the Advanced Generation series, and the 428th episode of the Pokémon anime. It was first broadcast in Japan on December 1, 2005 and in the United States on October 7, 2006.

Will ashs totodile going to evolve?

Well maybe if cyndaquil did so will totodile if in danger ;D

What episode does ashes tepig evolve?

It has not evolved yet but some pokemon websites are giving warnings about it evolving soon. Just type in "Ashs Tepig" and then a website called bulbapedia will come up and mention it if you go on

What is the pokemon episode where ash's tepig evolves?

Yes, it evolves into Pignite in this episode: Evolution by Fire!

What Happened To Ashs Dad In Pokemon?

Ash's dad went on a Pokemon journey and we have not heard about him since you should watch the second episode of Pokemon it tells u in there about how ashs dad went on a Pokemon journy of his own

Does ashs oshawot evolve?

it evolves in toDewot who is water type ThenSamurott who is water type I am choosing him as my starter because the grass starter has a lot of weaknesses. ( flying, bug, poison , fire and ice)Also not the fire one because he has 4 weaknesses witch are flying, ground, water and psychic.