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it needs to be about 54

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Q: What does your strength need to be in RuneScape to get on highscores?
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What does your fishing need to be in runescape to get on highscores?

You need to have at least level 56 Fishing with 196,867 Xp to get to the highscores.

What is the highest RuneScape player?

Go to runescape website and check at highscores. It should be there.

Who is gtaivrulez in RuneScape?

I believe that this is a player's username, if you want you can look up his name in the runescape highscores

What does your cooking need to be in runescape to get on highscores?

at least Level 53, if you have level 54 cooking you are bound to show up on the hiscores.

Who is the third best player in RuneScape?

erw J look on highscores

What does your woodcutting need to be in runescape to get on highscores?

well usually level 61 or 62 or higher, depens on how many level 100 woodcutters are on there

Is there a name called snog1000 on runescape?

I dont know. Search his name on the highscores.

Who is the best person in RuneScape?

There is no best person in RuneScape. Even if there on the #1 on the Highscores, it doesn't mean there the best. Thanks to NightmareRH for this.

How much experience do you need to master strength in runescape?

It takes 13,034,431 experience to master strength in runescape.

What is the lowest cooking score to be on highscores on runescape?

As of 9/17/10, level 55 with 177,529 experience.

How do you get RuneScape on your iPod touch?

unfortunately, java doesnt work on ipod touchs or iphones, so you are unable to play runescape, but can you are still able to access highscores and the forums.

Who has the most skill capes on RuneScape?

If you go on runescape highscores, you can see that lots of people have 99 skill level in everything. Every single one of these players will have all the skill capes