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If you go on runescape highscores, you can see that lots of people have 99 skill level in everything. Every single one of these players will have all the skill capes

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Q: Who has the most skill capes on RuneScape?
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Can f2ps get skill capes on RuneScape?


How much do skill capes cost on runescape?


Which skill capes can free players get in runescape?

Buy it from NPCs.

Should f2p get skillcapes in RuneScape?

No, the reasone skill capes came out on runescape was to encourage " non members" to become members to get these capes making f2p players have these capes will reduce the profits they make by quite a bit for exampe.... around 10 million runescape accounts have been made, around 1 million have skill capes and about 10% would be f2p with 99's. about 8% of that 10% will pay £5 or 10$ for membership. if f2p players could have skill capes runescape would lose around 300,000 thousand pounds or 550,000 dollars. That's why F2p players don't have skill capes. Hope i answered your question.

What skillcape can free players on runescape get?

None. Skill capes are members-only items.

Can free to play runescape players get skill capes?

No, free players cannot get skill capes.However, members can for 99900 coins.

How do you get runescape skill capes?

I have placed a link below that should take you directly to the information you require.

What is the best cape in runescape for non members?

all reqular capes have the same defence stats exept ( i think skill capes ) so really any cape is good just chose the one that you like the most

Can free players get a mining cape in runescape?

No. Skill capes are only for members - even in free-to-play skills.

Are there any new runescape skills for nonmembers?

the last skill that was added was summoning,and as usual it is member only as most likely will all other new skills but.. runescape may decide to make some member things(like skill capes) non-members

Can Non Mems Get Skill Capes?

yes you can get skill capes if ur not a member unless it is a memberskill (not sure about the previous answer but i am aiming to find out btw on runescape my name is armerblack so please add me) Now I'm editing this answer... You can get one, but only one non member skill cape. That cape is the cooking cape. (My runescape name is The Joster 6, add me if you want :P)

Do you need to be a member on runescape to get a mining skill cape?

Yes, you have to be a member to obtain ANY skill capes in Runescape. Skill capes were intended to be made for recognizing members who reached level 99 in a skill, not really for non-members. Although, a common trick to obtain the skill cape while not cracking your budget, is to get a 1 month subscription to runescape, buy the skill cape, equip it to your character, and never take it off again. If you take it off, you can't put it back on once your membership is depleted. Although, this was a relatively old trick and I do not know if this still works.