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It means not. example: disappear, not appear

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Q: What does the prefix dis mean in the word disappear?
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What does the prefix dis- mean as in the words disappoint and disappear?

The prefix dis- in words like disappoint and disappear means "not" or "opposite of." It is used to indicate a negative or reversing meaning to the root word that follows it.

Is the word disappear a compound word?

Yes, "disappear" is a compound word comprised of the prefix "dis-" and the base word "appear."

Is disappear a compound word?

Yes, "disappear" is a compound word composed of the prefix "dis-" and the root word "appear."

What is disappear prefix?


What is Prefix of disappear?


What does the Pre fix dis mean?

The prefix "dis-" indicates negation or reversal. It is used to show the opposite meaning of a base word, such as in "dislike" (not like) or "disappear" (not appear).

What is tha prefix of disappear?


What is the prefix for appear?


What does the prefix dis- mean in the word display?

The prefix dis- means negation, removal, or expulsion, when placed in front of "play" to form "display." In this sense, the word "play" means to move or flash quickly so as to make something appear and disappear. When dis- is added in front, the meaning changes to "to make a prominent exhibition of something."

What is a synonym for dis?

Do you mean the prefix dis- or the word "diss," which is a slang word meaning, "to put down"?

What is di of the prefix?

"Dis" is a prefix. disappear, disenchant, disencumber It means to reverse or undo.

What does the prefix 'dis' mean in the word 'dissimulation'?

In this case, the prefix dis- indicates reversal. To simulate is to pretend to be something; to dissimulate is to pretend not to be something.