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Q: The prefix dis makes the word disjointed mean having parts that are?
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Is multiple a prefix?

No, "multiple" is not a prefix. It is a standalone word that means having or involving several parts, elements, or individuals.

What is the prefix for recycle?

re, which means again. Example: recycle. to break something down into its parts and put it to a new use (the parts are used again).

What is the meaning of the prefix tetra?

The prefix "tetra-" means four or having four parts. It is commonly used in chemistry to indicate the presence of four atoms or groups in a compound.

What does the prefix ''di'' mean in dichotomous?

The prefix "di-" in dichotomous means "two" or "divided into two parts." In this case, dichotomous refers to something that can be divided into two distinct parts or categories.

What does the prefix auto mean table?

"it was approve and contributes many parts?/?//??//?

The term tachypnea is built from which combinations of word parts?

A Prefix and wordoot

Who makes Napa welders?

who makes the parts thanks

What does the root word divided and prefix un-mean?

The root word "divided" means to separate into parts. The prefix "un-" means not or the opposite of. So "undivided" means not separated into parts, or whole and complete.

What is A prefix that means the same as quadri-- is?

"Tetra-" is a prefix that means the same as "quadri-," both indicating something that relates to or consists of four parts.

What is to cut in two parts in prefix words called?

Hyphenation, as in ex-husband.

What does phone prefix mean?

A standard American phone number consists of three parts. An area code, a prefix, and a suffix. In the following phone number: (987) 654-3211, the 654 would be the prefix.

What airplane does Boeing make parts for?

Boeing makes parts for many airplanes, along with military vehicles and helicopters. Basically, if Boeing makes an aircraft, it also makes the parts for that aircraft.