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The green shine Sprite opens up the door that says you need a special shine sprite.

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Q: What does the green star do in super Mario 63?
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How many shine sprites are in Mario 63?

64 shine sprites and star coins on super Mario 63 on

What are the super Mario 63 level designer door codes?

the catle how do you get a star and sunshine

How can you play as luigi in Super Mario 63?

enter the 32 Star-Coin door to toggle between Mario and luigi

What are the release dates for The Super Mario Bros- Super Show - 1989 Santa Claus Is Coming to Flatbush Star Koopa 1-63?

The Super Mario Bros- Super Show - 1989 Santa Claus Is Coming to Flatbush Star Koopa 1-63 was released on: USA: 29 November 1989

Is it possible to play as shadow in super Mario 63?

yes it is impossible to play as shadow in Super Mario 63

How do you be only level designer version at super Mario 63?

You need to go search ,,super Mario 63 level designer" to click the differenct super Mario 63 level designer button.

How many shine sprite can you get in super Mario 63?

you can get 64 shine sprites and 64 star coins.

How do you play as Luigi in super Mario 63 with 0 star coins?

Play a certain version and click on the L.

Bob-Omb Battlefield Super Mario 63?

Mario 63 Shine Sprites

What do you do in the final level for Super Mario 63?

There is no game called Super Mario 63. There is one called Super Mario 64. On the final level of it you have to fight and defeat Bowser.

What are some cheat codes in super Mario 63?

select a file then click on the green L next to the red M

Where are the shine sprites in group C and D in super Mario 63?

There's no such thing as shine sprite groups in Super Mario 63.