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64 shine sprites and star coins on Super Mario 63 on

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Q: How many shine sprites are in Mario 63?
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Mario 63 Shine Sprites

How many shine sprite can you get in super Mario 63?

you can get 64 shine sprites and 64 star coins.

Where are the shine sprites in group C and D in super Mario 63?

There's no such thing as shine sprite groups in Super Mario 63.

How do you get all 64 shine sprites in super Mario 63?

You get the from courses

How do you unlock the cannon outside the castle in super Mario 63?

Get 63 shine sprites, there are actually 64 shine sprites but that last one, you can only get it if you've had the cannon open, because it leads you to the shine sprite if you use it.

How do you get to seashore course on Super Mario 63?

get 54 shine sprites and beat the final boss

What is a storyline in super Mario 63?

The storyline is a series of major shine sprites in the game, for example the first tutorial

How do you get all 64 shine sprites and end the game with ending in super Mario 63?

you need to get all 64 shine sprites and end the bowser's castle in all ways!It will cheaked, need 2 or 3 keys to get it!

How do you unlock all items for the level designer in super Mario 63?

Wot To Unlock Castle Collet 40 Star Coins And Not Shine Sprites

Where is all the shine sprites in Super Mario 63?

Lots of places, like... Level paintings Secret courses Boss areas Star coin prize rooms

How do you get the rocket nozzle to appear in delfino plaza in super Mario sunshine?

you need to have enough shine sprites (or blue coins i don't know) but in super Mario 63 you can only make the rocket nozzle appear by getting the first key

What is the shine sprite code for super Mario 63?

answer this OK?