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enter the 32 Star-Coin door to toggle between Mario and luigi

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Q: How can you play as luigi in Super Mario 63?
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How do you play as Luigi in super Mario 63 with 0 star coins?

Play a certain version and click on the L.

Is it possible to play as shadow in super Mario 63?

yes it is impossible to play as shadow in Super Mario 63

How do you be luigi on Mario 63?

If you mean Super Mario 64, Luigi is not included in this game. Several hackers including myself have went through the games data, Luigi is not there. People on youtube have modded the game to make Mario appear to be Luigi, however, it is not.

Where do you play super Mario 63?

I have added a link to the game.

How do you play super Mario 63 updated?

Go to sheezyart or newgrounds to play it.

How do you play Super Mario 64 on your computer?

yes You can't at the moment play it on a computer. But if u want a 2D adventure look up Super Mario 63. Not 64.

How do you be only level designer version at super Mario 63?

You need to go search ,,super Mario 63 level designer" to click the differenct super Mario 63 level designer button.

Bob-Omb Battlefield Super Mario 63?

Mario 63 Shine Sprites

How do you be Luigi on Super Mario 63?

You need 32 star coins(not sine spirits!) and got to level design room go all the way to right and open the 2nd door and say hello to Luigi.

What do you do in the final level for Super Mario 63?

There is no game called Super Mario 63. There is one called Super Mario 64. On the final level of it you have to fight and defeat Bowser.

Where are the shine sprites in group C and D in super Mario 63?

There's no such thing as shine sprite groups in Super Mario 63.

How do you grab Bowsers tail in Super Mario 63?

run under him when he jumps, then dive (down arrow) for his tail. then press right and left repeatedly. There is a Super Mario 63.