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baby fishs that haven't grown yet

evil i say

guppies and megavores eat carnivores.

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Q: What does the carnivore fish eat on Insaniquarium?
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Is penguin a carnivore or omnivore?

Carnivores, because they eat fish, krill, and squid

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Is a grouper a carnivore omnivore or a herbivore?

its a carnivore, they eat fish, octopuses, and crustaceans.

What do sarkes eat?

sharks are carnivore they eat meat such as fish, and seals

What is the game called that has a fish named preggo in it?


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Is a bottlenose dolphin a carnivore?

Yes, they eat fish.

Is a tern a carnivore?

yes because they eat fish

Does trump eat fish?

yes, hes a carnivore.

Is a sea pig a carnivore?

yes, they eat fish.

Is a polar bear a carnivore or a heravore?

No. They are omnivores, that is, they eat anything, but they prefer seal.

Why do tuna fish eat smaller fish?

The tuna is a carnivore. It must eat to survive, and it eats other fish because it cannot eat plants.