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Q: Insaniquarium deluxe revenge of the fish insaniqualien?
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Where can you download Insaniquarium Deluxe with no time limitWhere can you download fish tycoon with no time limitWhere can you download fish tycoon with no time limit?

i can download it in my laptop

In insaniquarium deluxe virtual tank when can you buy an ultravore?

In Virtual Tank you can only buy an ultravore if it's in the Fish Emporium. In Adventure mode, you can buy an ultravore at tank 4.

What is the name of that fish aquarium game?


What is the game called that has a fish named preggo in it?


What does the term insaniquarium mean?

Insaniquarium is the name of a computer game. It is a virtual fish tank that one would have to maintain so that their fish do not die. This includes feeding the fish to keep them happy and protecting them from alien intruders.

I need Some shells on insaniquarium deluxe?

If you need extra coins on Insaniquarium Deluxe, on your virtual tank, here is what you need to do:Go to the store and purchase a regular guppyName in "Santa"Go to your tank and see your fishWhen you go back to your tank, "Santa" will turn White and Red and grow. The bottom of the screen will say," We wish you a merry Christmas!" The fish will simultaneously drop bags of shells worth 20 shells. Every so often, the fish will even sing the tune of various Christmas Carols! Happy Insanity!! :D

Will the blue fish in Insaniquarium ever undergo further transformations?

no, not unless you qualify alien food and a deed fish a transformation

What does Wadsworth do on Insaniquarium?

he protects your small and medium fish from aleins by putting him in his mouth and letting them out when he is gone that is what wadsworth does

What is a fun fish breeding game?

I have 2 fun breeding games for you but may cost a little money. 1: Fish Tycoon-$6.99 at 2:Insaniquarium Deluxe-$19.99 at I know one way to get Fish Tycoon for free I have it too. If you have a Facebook then in the search box type fish tycoon, if it doesn't show up on the suggestion box, just press all results. Enjoy the games!

What happens when your fish turns blue in insaniquarium?

Given enough time, any guppy (even a star fish) will turn into a blue fish (king carp). It will then drop diamonds instead of coins or stars.

What does the skeleton fish do in insaniquarium?

"Vert" the skeleton fish makes gold coins! so it won't take that long to make your fish really big! p.s. Prego has too many babies! i wonder why...

What does the carnivore fish eat on Insaniquarium?

baby fishs that haven't grown yet evil i say guppies and megavores eat carnivores.