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It lets that Pokemon use moves without the other Pokemon's abilities interfering. Like, you can use physical moves on Pokemon with static without becoming paralyzed, or you can use any move on a Pokemon with wonderguard.

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Q: What does the ability mold breaker in Pokemon do?
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What does Mold Breaker do in Pokemon?

It let's the Pokémon with that ability use it's moves without letting the other pokémons ability interfear.

Action replay code for wonder guard?

There is no Action Replay code to hit a Pokemon with Wonder Guard. Simply get a Pokemon with the ability "Mold Breaker" (ex. Cranidos). Mold Breaker negates the effects of your enemy's ability which means that Wonder Guard won't work against it.

What is the ability of cranidos do in Pokemon Diamond?

Cranidos is a Rock-type Pokemon. Its ability, Mold Breaker, allows Cranidos to disable the opposing Pokemon's ability. For an example, against a Shedinja with Wonder Guard, Wonder Guard will be disabled and Cranidos will be allowed to hit it with any move.

Is it possible to breed a Cranidos that has the ability huge power?

It is not possible to breed a Cranidos in Pokemon, until and unless you have hacked it. The games allows Cranidos to have two super powers of mold breaker, and sheer force and does not allow for huge power.

Are there any levitating electric type Pokemon?

Yes there are. Tynamo and it's evolution line (Eelektrik and Eelektross) are an Electric type with Levitate, thus having no weaknesses, unless they are under the effects of Gravity, Mold Breaker, or anything else that disrupts the ability.

Can someone make a Garchomp lv100 all stats 500 all ribbons ability is mold breaker moves are lock on fissure horn drill sheer cold change name to Invincible?

yes by using action replay.

What is mold or fungi?

Mold or Fungi are small organisms. They don't have the ability to produce their own food. But they can reproduce.

Is there any Pokemon ruby code breaker codes for shiny Pokemon?


What is the Pokemon ability vital spirit?

The ability 'Vital Spirit' is an ability that prevents the pokemon with that ability to fall asleep. It is similiar to the ability 'Insomnia'.

Is there a Pokemon that has the ability shadow tag in Pokemon Diamond?

"Is there a Pokemon that has the ability shadow tag in Pokemon diamond?"Yes. The two Pokemon that have the ability shadow tag in ppokemon diamond are wynaut and wobbuffet.

What is mold ability?

it is the capacity to change oneself according to a situation or a person.

Is there a breaker code for infinite hp in Pokemon emerald?

Eye there is