Are there any levitating electric type Pokemon?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes there are. Tynamo and it's evolution line (Eelektrik and Eelektross) are an Electric type with Levitate, thus having no weaknesses, unless they are under the effects of Gravity, Mold Breaker, or anything else that disrupts the ability.

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Q: Are there any levitating electric type Pokemon?
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What Pokemon can learn charge in Pokemon white?

Any electric type pokemon.

What type of Pokemon can defeat dewgong?

I think any electric type Pokemon would be okay.

What type of poke ball do you use to catch a electric type Pokemon in Pokemon pearl?

Any really.

What type of Pokemon is super effective on water Pokemon?

Any kind of Grass and Electric pokemon.

What to use against an electric Pokemon in Pokemon diamond?

Any ground type. They are immune to electric attacks. You will have a huge advantage.

What can beat electric-types in Pokemon?

Electric-types only have one weakness and that's Ground-type. Any Pokemon can defeat Electric-types, but using a Ground-type will likely have a super effective, making the Pokemon faint quicker.

What Pokemon do you use to beat Zekrom in PokePark2?

You can use any electric or leaf type pokemon i think

What Pokemon is effective against zap dos?

Any Pokemon that's effective against an electric and flying type Pokemon.

What Pokémon are good to use againts electricity Pokémon?

Mainly,Pokemon that is ground type or Pokemon's with the ability ''Lightning Rod'' will be able to make electric type moves ineffective. But as for the Pokemon that are good against electric Pokemon,any Pokemon will do as long as it is have ground or rock type moves.

Who can learn the move flash in Pokemon Yellow?

Pikachu can. Any grass or electric Pokemon may learn it.

What beats electric on Pokemon?

Electric Pokemon are weak against Ground Type attacks. If you are at the Mauville Gym, it might help you to get a Fighting or Fire Type since Magnemite and Magneton are Steel Types as well and are weak against those kind of attacks.

What is lightnings weaknes in Pokemon?

Electric Pokemon are weak to Ground and Ice moves