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Really, any Pokemon can beat a water Pokemon if its strong enough but the easiest way is to use a grass or electric type that has a same or greater level than the water type.

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Q: What type of Pokemon will beat water type?
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How do you beat blain in Pokemon FireRed?

with water type and rock type pokemon.

What type of Pokemon beat rock types?

Rock type Pokemon are strong against flying, ice, bug and fire type Pokemon.

Who could beat Reshiram?

to beat reshiram you need to use a water type or leaf type pokemon

What Pokemon do you have to have to beat the elite on Pokemon ruby?

A fighting type, a ghost type, a rock type, a ice type, a water type.

What can grass type Pokemon beat?

Rock ground and water

Can water beat electric type Pokemon?

Yes, it can be done.

How do you beat the first gym leader in Pokemon FireRed?

water or grass type Pokemon

How do you beat pewter gym pokemon tower defence?

Easy just get as many plant or water type pokemon and you will beat it

What is the best type of Pokemon that could beat a electric and water type?

Not a type but Sudowoodo is good

What type of Pokemon can beat Torkoal?

the trick is to use the highest lv of water or ground Pokemon you have

What Pokemon beat electric?

Ground type Pokemon can beat Electric type Pokemon easily.

What Pokemon do you need to beat Watson in Pokemon ruby?

water or fire type on a high level (above his)