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Eye there is

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Q: Is there a breaker code for infinite hp in Pokemon emerald?
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Pokemon Emerald gameshark codes money?

Infinite Money Code: c051ccf6 975e8da1

Rare candy code for Pokemon emerald vba?

This will give you infinite rare candies:BFF956FA2F9EC50DIT REALY DOES WORKS!

Infinite rare candies code in Pokemon EMERALD?

no need of master code just copy below code and paste it in gameshark BFF956FA 2F9EC50D

Is their a code breaker code for Pokemon Emerald that gives you all the gym badges and if their what is it Thanks in advance?

There aren't, you have to earn the badges through gym battles

What is the infinite battle points Action Replay code for Pokemon emerald?

the code is 9287036a 8457d13c and you need the (m) code for it to work (m) D8BAE4D9 A86CDBA5 4864DCE5 19BA49B3

What is the code for a wild skitty appear in the grass in Pokemon emerald?

25214170 0AB256A2 D2BF38B5 7E300C38 6B012323 530CEE00 B4015263 3D8633C6 Code breaker.... Try it. ~AquaBlitz11

Is their any Pokemon emerald version cheats for code breaker?

I don't think so but you have to get either the mystic or aurora ticket to meet Deoxys...

What is the infinite money code gameshark for Pokemon emerald If there is one include the master code?

a0eace26bce6913 i thinkEdit by Kyogre286The code above doesn't work, here is the working code : D8bae4d94864dce5A86cdba519ba49b3A57e2edeA5aff3e41c7b3231B494738cC051ccf6975e8da1

What is the code to receive Latios as starter Pokemon on Pokemon emerald?

you cold probably just use a code to make a wild encounter latios, coupled with an infinite masterball code. those codes are: USE GOOGLE SMART ONE

Where can you find code breaker codes for infinite money?

there is no specific code for infinite money for all games but check that is there site

Money code for Pokemon chaos black?

Chaos black is a fake game! Do not buy it!

How do you find latio's when you put in the code?

If you put in a game shark acshion replay or code breaker code you will not find latios you will get a bad egg and your game will crash BUT you get to track one of them down and catch it after you beat the Pokemon leag in Pokemon ruby and sapphire if you bought Pokemon emriled your out of luck because in emerald you cant get eather of them the red one is in sapphire the blue ones in ruby and there not in Pokemon emerald if you got emerald sell it and buy Pokemon ruby sapphire fire red or leaf green