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dual screen!

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Q: What does the abbreviation Ds stand for?
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What does the abbreviation ds stand for in a recipe?

In a recipe, probably desert spoon.

What does formatting abbreviation DS stand for?

i think it means "something" and then system

What does tf stand for on the ds?

TF is a abbreviation for Tiny Flash drive card

Dover's spot abbreviation?

the abbreviation is DS.

What is the abbreviation for distress signal?

The abbreviation for a distress signal is DS or SOS.

What is ds as an abbreviation?

double screen

What video game does the abbreviation LOZ stand for?

LOZ is the abbreviation for the Legend of Zelda video game. It has been a best selling game for Nintendo and is available on all of it's gaming platforms including Nintendo DS and Wii.

What does the abbreviation BLR stand for?

BLR IS the abbreviation.

What does 786 abbreviation stand for?

786 abbreviation stand for bismillah-i-rehman-e- raheem

What does the abbreviation cnty stand for?

Cnty is the abbreviation for County.

What does the abbreviation Supt stand for?

Supt is the abbreviation for Superintendent

What does the abbreviation 'BBQ' stand for?

"BBQ" is the abbreviation of "barbecue."