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ds means dual screen the i in dsi means eye for its camera

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Q: In keyboarding what do DS stand for?
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What does DS stand for on the Nintendo DS?

dual screen

What does DS stand for in DS Waters?

Digital System

What dose ds stand for in Nintendo ds?

Ds stands for "double screen'' as in the two ds screens.

What does DS or DSi stand for as in Ninentdo DS?

Dual Screen. Simple.

What does Ds stand for in Chemistry?

DS stands for Delta S, or Change in Entropy.

What in keyboarding is five characters?

A standard word in keyboarding is five characters.

What does DS stand for in toontown?

Dating Show

What does the abbreviation Ds stand for?

dual screen!

What is keyboarding in business studies?

keyboarding is the act of producing written works as printed documents

How much does keyboarding make a year?

Depends what job you have.Another"Keyboarding" isn't really a job. Keyboarding is involved with many forms of computer assignments and work, though.

What does DS stand for in hockey stats?

Division standings

What is a good consol cubby or stand for the DS system?

There is a third party stand made by Hori which not only holds the Ds system but also charges it at the same time.