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it lowens the foes evassenness, and outside of battle, stand in the grass and use it

and it will lure wild Pokemon straight to you.

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Q: What does sweet scent do in Pokemon platinum?
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What Pokemon will attract in Pokemon Platinum?

You could use a combee that has sweet scent.

How do you summon a Pokemon when not in battle on Pokemon platinum?

You can use the move sweet scent.

How do you get sweet scent in Pokemon platinum?

i dont know because im stuck to

What level does bellsprout learn sweet scent?

In Pokemon Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, FireRed, and LeafGreen, Bellsprout will learn Sweet Scent at level 30 if you do not evolve it. In Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, it'll learn Sweet Scent at level 29.

What Pokemon on Pokemon Emerald knows sweet scent when you catch it no matter what?

TROPIUS should until you delete SWEET SCENT or roselia's SWEET SCENT TOO.

How do you use the sweet scent?

Outside of battle, you need a Pokemon that knows Sweet Scent in your party. Go to the menu, select "Pokemon", select the Pokemon that knows Sweet Scent and it should come up with a menu giving the options "Sweet Scent, Summary, Switch, Item, Cancel". Select Sweet Scent. A wild Pokemon will now appear.

How do you get Sweet Scent in Pokemon Crystal?

all you have to do is find TM 12 that contanis sweet scent

What level does leafeon learn sweet scent in platinum?


What Pokemon know sweet scent Pokemon sapphire?

Surskit, Masquerain, Mawile, Tropius, Illumise, and Roselia all learn Sweet Scent.

What Pokemon know sweet scent Pokemon emerald?


At what level will Ivysaur learn sweet scent on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Ivysaur will learn sweet scent at level 29 in Pokemon fire red and left green.

Where do you find sweet scent in Pokemon diamond?

You can't find sweet scent as a TM anymore. You have to get a pokemon like odish.