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Smite increases damage to undead mobs."Each level separately adds 2.5 ( × 2 1/2) extra damage to each hit, to "undead" mobs only" - gamepedia

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Q: What does smite do in Minecraft when enchanting swords?
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What does the smite enchantment for swords do in minecraft?

Smite increases damage against zombies, skeletons and zombie pigmen.

What does smite do on Minecraft?

Smite is an enchantment you can put on swords. With it, you can do extra damage to zombies, zombie pigmen, and skeletons.

What does smite mean in Minecraft on Xbox 360?

Smite on enchanted swords in both the Xbox and PC/Mac edition mean that it does more damage on the undead, such as zombies and skeletons.

What smite 1 is in Minecraft?

the smite enchantment in minecraft makes it so your sword does extra damage do zombies, skeletons and pigmen.

Does smite work on players in minecraft?

If you're talking about the smite enchantment, then no. Smite affects Zombies and Skeletons.

What does smite do in mine craft?

Smite is an enchantment applied to swords. It increases the damage done to undead creatures.

How do you cast a spell on minecraft?

There are no 'spells' in vanilla Minecraft, just enchanting tables.

What update has enchanting in minecraft?

Any version after Beta 1.8.1

How do you enchant things on Minecraft?

You can enchant items with an Enchanting Table.

What is the name of the experience potion on minecraft?

i think its called bottle of enchanting, or bottle of enchantment.

Where can you get Minecraft swords?


What does smite enchanment in minecraft mean?

Smite does extra damage to zombies,zombie pigmen,withers and skeletons, it can be applied to axes and swords. Smite can hit an extra 0.5 to 2 hearts per level of enchantment. Smite goes up to V or 5, so you could hit up to 25 hearts at the highest level. (I could be very wrong, but its how I do it!) I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, and X Please feel free to correct me!