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MP = Mana Points.

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Q: What does mp stand for in adventure quest?
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Why does the character use sp instead of mp to heal itself in adventure quest Basically change that back to using mp for healing?

The character use SP instead of MP to heal itself in adventure quest because you are not using the default setting.

Do you need mp to use resurrection if your a paladin adventure quest?

No but you do have to die. -Artixthepaladin

How can you tell when your about to level up in adventure quest?

if you keep clicking where your hp and mp are, you can see how much more xp you need

What does world stand for?

AQW aka AQ Worlds Stands for Adventure Quest Worlds

What does aq worlds stand for?

AQW aka AQ Worlds Stands for Adventure Quest Worlds

Which is better Adventure Quest or Mech Quest?

adventure quest is better because in mech quest all you do shoot robots. but in adventure quest you get to do dventures and travel place

What are games that start with A?

adventure quest, adventure quest worlds,

How do you duplicate in Adventure Quest?

As far as I know, Adventure Quest has no such option.

What does mp's stand for on facebook?


What does MP on a check stand for?

MP stand for Micro-security Print

Does verifying your guardian account on Adventure Quest to Mech Quest take away Adventure Quest guardian?

... NO

Where can i get Pictures of adventure quest worlds armor?

on the adventure quest worlds wiki