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From What I know After you hit level 70 (max level), you can choose to keep that rank or re level to level 70 as a prestige. You lose all weapons and their attachments for them. All u get is a title that says THE PRESTIGE. That's it

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Q: What does it mean a game of prestige?
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Can you prestige in the regular Call of Duty Black Ops game?

You can prestige in Black Ops multiplayer if that's what you mean.

How do you get to the preasdgie part on black ops?

prestige, do you mean ? level 50 is prestige, but you have to get all of level 50's xp to prestige.

Why prestige in cod6?

if you prestige in cod 6 if you prestige you get more weapon classes which will make it easier for you to use those classes for different game modes. You also get a new emblem every time you prestige

Does prestige mean energy?


What can you type in the computer on black ops to be 15 prestige ps3?

Nothing. You can not use the computer in the game to be 15 prestige

How do you prestige in modern warfare 3?

you play the game and once u reach level 80 and beat it you go to barracks and select prestige mode and enter it to prestige

Does game play change in moder warfare 2 after tenth prestige?

what is the 10Th prestige? If i know then i may be able to answer the question

What is the prestige shop in Modern Warfare 3?

The prestige shop in MW3 is just another great feature in MW3! EVERY TIME you prestige in MW3, you get a prestige token. You can use that Prestige token to BUY a weapon or titles and emblems, double xp, or reset all stats in multiplayer so that you can play all 10 prestige's again. it also enables you to get a maximum of 1 prestige token for any other CoD games! But players beware, no matter the prestige, unless it its MW3 you can only get 1 prestige token per other CoD game, regardless of how many times you have prestiged in that game!

Do you have to prestige in Call of Duty Black Ops?

No, prestiging is just a part of the game. You don't have to prestige and you can stay at your rank, but if you don't prestige.... it's not that much fun and it gets boring after a while.

How do you become tenth prestige for nothing in MW2?

You play the game.

What is the 15 prestige code?

It depends on the type of game system that you have, so what kind of game system do you have?

Should you prestige?

The game gets boring if you don't you will soon lose interest in repetitive slaughter of the level 10's. Then you prestige and try a different tactic, go from sniping to maybe full out assault with that AK. Yes, the prestige is worth it, it keeps the game fun and fresh