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There are 70 levels in one Prestige on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. There are 10 Prestiges, meaning that there are approximately 700 levels in the game. I am currently 7th Prestige Level 70 on Xbox Live, getting ready to prestige again.

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Q: How many levels are in each prestige on modern warfare 2?
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How many prestige's and how many levels are there on modern warfare 3?

On Mw3 there are 20 prestiges! Each prestige takes 80 levels.

How many levels r there in modern warfare 2 on ps3 for online play?

70 to begin with and another 70 for each prestige.

What is a prestige on modern warfare?

On Call of Duty 4, after you reach level 55 (the maximum level) online, you can go into Prestige mode--or starting over for your second run of a maximum of eleven runs, making a total of 605 levels to obtain. In Modern Warfare 2, it is the same, but with 70 levels each, and titles or eblems to keep as you go into prestige. In prestige you lose all of your guns, perks, etc, but it gives you a chance to try other ways of leveling up. Once you're at 10th prestige, it stops and you have reached the last prestige.

What is in each prestige mode in modern warfare 2?

In MW2 you get a new emblem and an additional class to use.

How many levels in each prestige on mw3?

There are 70 levels, and 10 prestiges. After reaching level 70, you can stay at level 70 or prestige. Prestiging is going back to level 1, except you keep all your titles, emblems, and you get an extra custom class slot. Essentially, there are 770 levels, because you can prestige 10 times. Hope this helped! - Rico

What is a tenth prestige?

Depending on the COD, it changes the amount of levels they earned. COD4: 55 levels COD5 WAW: 65 levels COD MW2: 70 levels Each prestige has a certain amount of levels needed before going into the next prestige. In MW2 its 70 levels, then prestige, then 70 more levels. Since you need to reach the highest rank before prestige 1 there is actually COD4: 555 levels total as a tenth prestige. COD5 WAW: 715 levels total as a tenth prestige. COD MW2: 770 levels total as a tenth prestige. Lots and lots of games played :)

When will the kill counter on guns in modern warfare 2 stop like it goes v vi vii when will it say done?

If you are talking about the final Prestige Challenge for each weapon in Modern Warfare 2, each weapon kill counter stops at 2500 kills, and the challenge for head shots stops at 1000 head shots.

How many levels will be on call of duty modern warfare 2?

Infinity ward haven't released this info yetEDIT: 23 missions each mission has 3 levels of difficulty

COD modern warfare 2 multiplayer is terrible your only allowed 5 weapons Does anyone agree?

Well just prestige and you will get extra class slots! Every time you prestige you get an extra slot each time, i have 7 slots now. Hope this answered your question!

Do you go through the 50 levels again in COD black ops once you are prestige or just through the next 15?

each time you prestige you must go through 50 levels again until you can prestige once more. you can prestige 15 times though. your welcome.

How do you get each modern warfare 2 call sign and emblem?

Completing the challenges you unlock through the levels. Some Titles and Callsigns can only be unlocked after you pretige.

How many levels to beat on blackops zombies?

there is no zombie mode on the DS that i kno of. If u r talking about multiplayer, ther r 10 or sumptin and they are actually pretty good