What does groudon evolve into?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Groudon is a legendary Pokemon and so far none of the legendary Pokemon can evolve. (That would be cool if it could but it can't)

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Q: What does groudon evolve into?
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Does groudon evolve in ruby?

No, Groudon does not evolve in Pokémon Ruby.

What stone do you need to make Groudon evolve?

Groudon does not evolve, therefore no stone will make Groudon evolve.

How do you evolve Groudon in SoulSilver?

Sweetheat, Groudon does not evolve o: --Taylor

How Can a Groudon evolve in Pokemon Ruby?

...sigh. groudon is a legendary, it does NOT evolve

What lvl does Groudon evolve?

Groudon is a legendary, and therefore does not evolve.

How do you evolve Groudon in Pokemon soul silver?

Groudon doesn't evolve... Sorry

Does Groudon really evolve?

No, whatever myth you heard of Groudon evolving is false. Groudon does not evolve at any time.

If Groudon evolves and he is a rare Pokemon then why not other rare Pokemon evolve?

groudon doesnt evolve!

Is there a way to make Groudon evolve?


How does kyogre and groudon primal evolve?

They primal evolve when sent out in battle holding either a blue orb for kyogre or red orb for groudon

What does Groudon evolve to?

it doesn't its a legendary Pokemon

How do you evolve groundon?

For one it is Groudon and (listen up here) HE IS A LEGENDARY HE WILL NOT EVOLVE!