What does Pokemon daycare do?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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they watch your Pokemon and raise its levels

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Q: What does Pokemon daycare do?
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What Pokemon come out of the eggs from the daycare man?

It depends on what Pokemon you have in the daycare. The Pokemon that hatches from the eggs given to you by the daycare man will be the pre-evolved form of the female Pokemon you have in the daycare.

Can you play with the Pokemon in the daycare?

Depends which daycare.

How to check what level my pokemon are at at the daycare in pokemon white Without going all the way to the daycare center?

You have to pull the pokemon out of the daycare to check the level

For Pokemon XD gale of darkness is it possible to have a Pokemon baby at the daycare?

No, it is not possible to get baby Pokemon in the daycare.

Where is the daycare in kanto in Pokemon silver?

There is not a daycare in kanto

How many Pokemon can give to daycare center?

You can only give 2 Pokemon to the daycare centre

What is a daycare checker?

a daycare checker is an app on Pokemon diamond and pearl. It lets you see what 2 Pokemon are in daycare and lets you see what level they are.

Where is the daycare that can hold two Pokemon?

the daycare is in solaceon town.

How do you bread Pokemon in Pokemon Crystal?


Do Pokemon evolve in daycare for Pokemon sapphire?


Do you get the Pokemon that you breed back in Pokemon Y?

Yes. Any Pokemon that you leave at Pokemon Daycare to breed will be returned to you, as long as you pay the daycare fee.

Pokemon emerald gameshark codes level up Pokemon in the daycare?

There are probably some game-shark codes that do level your Pokemon up FASTER in the daycare. If your Pokemon is in the daycare it will gain EXP. with every step you take.