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It depends on what Pokemon you have in the daycare. The Pokemon that hatches from the eggs given to you by the daycare man will be the pre-evolved form of the female Pokemon you have in the daycare.

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Q: What Pokemon come out of the eggs from the daycare man?
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Where does the daycare man get his eggs from please clarify?

pokemon make them its ovious

How do you get man eggs in Pokemon emerald?

you go to the daycare. you put a ditto and a guy Pokemon in the daycare. eventualy the daycare man will say your Pokemon had an egg. it's a man egg!!! when it hatches it will have it's dad's moves and will be a male. don't use latios he will disappear if you do! i discovered this cheat by accident and posted the question so i could answer it.

Is there a Pokemon egg shop in Pokemon pearl?

No, there is not an egg shop in any Pokemon game. To get eggs, you must leave two compatible Pokemon at the daycare and run around until the daycare man finds an egg which he will give you.

How do find more Eggs in Pokemon?

If you put 2 pokemon in the Day Care Centre, they will have a baby, and the DayCare Man will give you the egg.

How do you get eggs in Pokemon Pearl?

ex. you can get an egg by setting a female poliwhirl and a male poliwhirl and put them into the daycare. if wait a couple of minuttes you go to the old man at the daycare and he will give you a Pokemon egg

How do make Pokemon eggs in Pokemon FireRed?

Go to cerulean city.Go south of it using the move cut and go down the fenced area there will be the daycare. Put two compatible pokemon in the daycare, and wait. The man there will tell you if the pokemon made an egg.

How many eggs are in pokemon black?

Well... There is actually unlimited eggs because you can breed any time you want at the pokemon daycare but there is one egg you can get without breeding. At route 18 you will get a larvesta egg from a man.

Where do you find the daycare man in Pokemon white?

He's in Nimbasa city,after saving him you will be able to leave 2 pokemon at the daycare

Can you get random pokemon eggs in black?

First, it depends if you are breeding a Pokemon or getting it from another person.I'd rather breed them myself if I want eggs.You can use an Action Replay for cheats...

Where are the eggs in sapphire?

you can get Pokemon eggs by breeding 2 Pokemon that like each other. to find out if they like each other put a male and female Pokemon on the daycare center on route 117 then talk to the old man that runs the daycare center. if they like each other he will give you an egg. walk 1500 steps and you will hatch the egg. happy breeding!!!!