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just leave a pokemon there.

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Q: How do you get the daycare man to give you the pokech app?
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How do you get the poketech map?

you need four gym badges and then go to a man in the pokech company(in jublife city) and he will give you it.

Where do you find the marking map Poke tech app?

go to the daycare and put two Pokemon in then the daycare man will give u the marking map? does not work He is in one of the tall buildings in Jubilife City

Howe do you now if two different Pokemon will have an egg in diamond?

u can tell by what the app "daycare checker" or the day care man

Why won't the daycare man give you your egg?

I think it is because you don't have enough room in your pokemon party, and if that is the case, in the daycare centre there is a PC (Computer).

Where do you find the pokech upgrades in Pokemon Diamond?

in the pokech company store NOTE (im not the guy who answerd) There are lots and lots of people in sinnoh who give them to you and go to the poketch company and go in the right door there will be a guy in a purple suit talk to him and he will give poketches to get more get all the gym badges and talk to the man in the purple suit and people upstairs in the poketch company give you them.......sorry this is so long but i hope i helped

Where do you see elekid in Pokemon platinum?

You cant see if,you must capture 2 electabuzz,one boy and one girl.Then put them in the day care [solaceon town] and continue with the game play and if you got the pokech ap daycare checker you will see an egg in the middle of the 2 electabuzz. Go to soleceon and talk tho the old man in front of the daycare. I hope this helps

Can you make a egg with leganry Pokemon on Pokemon pearl?

yes but only rotom. how? but rotom and ditto in daycare for some time and look and the daycare app and if u see an egg go to the old man in front of the building and talk to him

How do you get an egg on Pokemon FireRed?

you go to the daycare and put in two Pokemon if they like each other they will mate and have an egg you then go to the daycare man and he will give you the egg (you could also ask they daycare man if they like each other and it takes awhile for the Pokemon to make an egg)

What Pokemon come out of the eggs from the daycare man?

It depends on what Pokemon you have in the daycare. The Pokemon that hatches from the eggs given to you by the daycare man will be the pre-evolved form of the female Pokemon you have in the daycare.

Where can you find picachu in LeafGreen?

On 4 island, put a pikachu and a ditto in the daycare. Leave, then come back later and talk to the man outside of the daycare. He will give you a pichu egg.

Where is the egg breeder in Pokemon Pearl?

Go to Solaceon Town and there is a daycare on the right. Leave your desired Pokemon and a Pokemon of the same egg group but different gender. It will help to get the Daycare App so you can see when your Pokemon get an egg. Get the egg from the old man outside the daycare. The egg will hatch after a certain amount of steps.

Can you get a magby egg in Pokemon FireRed?

Yes. If you leave a female magmar or magmortar in the daycare with a compatible male pokemon, the daycare man will eventually give you an egg. If you don't have a female magmar or magmortar, you can put a ditto in the daycare as a makeshift mate.