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On Pokemon diamond you use moomoo milk for healing your Pokemon.

Moomoo milk heals 100hp and costs P500

P.S. It is p700 cheaper than a Hyper Potion, but the down side is you can only buy them one at a time.

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Q: What do you use moomoo milk for on Pokemon Diamond?
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In Pokemon diamond what's the use of the secretpotion?

It's for the Psyducks to the side of the moomoo milk cafe.

Where can you catch the Pokemon MONFERNO in Pokemon Diamond?

If you did not choose Chimchar as your starter, the only way to get a Monferno is through the Global Trade Station in Jubilife. However, if you use a cheating device, you can key in Monferno or capture the one that the male Ace Trainer on the route from the MooMoo Milk restaurant to Veilstone. Not that I am advocating using a cheat code; that takes all the fun out of it.

How do you cacht dailga in Pokemon Diamond?

how to catch dailga in Pokemon diamond use the master ball

In Pokemon diamond version which Pokemon do you use the master ball with?

Use it on Palkia.

How do you use secret power in Pokemon Diamond?

in Pokemon diamond you can only use it in battle since your cave/house/thing is underground

Where is thunderstone in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can find it if you do the Pokeathlon. Use your Pokeathlon points to buy a thunderstone. I know that they sell them, but the things they sell (other than the moomoo milk) changes every day. So, check each day! ^_^ Its how I got my leafstone for my Weepinbell, which evolved. Hope this helps!:)

How do you incrise speed in Pokemon diamond?

Use Carbos on a pokemon.

Where do you get the Pokemon modifier in Pokemon Diamond?

Use an Action Replay!!!!!!!!!

Which Pokemon can use TM54 in Pokemon Diamond?

scyther gallade

How do you use a Pokemon calculator in Pokemon Diamond?

You type numbers in

Where will you use the digging kit in Pokemon Diamond?

In the oreburgh mine this goes for pokemon diamond pearl and platinum

In Pokemon Diamond what do you do with the up-grade?

You use it on a porygon and it will evolve.(Pokemon Diamond, Platinum, and Pearl only.