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in Pokemon diamond it is in were the elitle four thing is outside in the water. and that route after it were shaymin is. but you have to use a rod.

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Q: Where is luvdisc in Pokemon Diamond?
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Can luvdisc evolve in Pokemon Diamond?

no luvdisc can't evolve in diamond

What type of Pokemon is Luvdisc?

Luvdisc is a Water type pokemon.

Can luvdisc evolve in diamond?


How do you evolve luvdisc in Pokemon platinum?

Luvdisc doesn't evolve.

Is luvdisc a Pokemon?

Luvdisc is a Pokemon. It is a water type Pokemon found in the Hoenn Region. It is a Water type Pokemon that looks like a heart.

When does luvdisc evelove?

Luvdisc has no evolutions. What appeared to be a Luvdisc evolution was announced for Pokemon Black and White, but despite resemblance, the two are not related.

What Pokemon gives you a heart scale?


Where do you catch luvdisc in Pokemon emerald?

In Pokemon Emerald players can find the Luvdisc on Route 128. Players can also fish from them using a super rod.

How does luvdisc evolve on Pokemon Black?

Luvdisc doesn't evolve in Pokémon Black because it is not capable of doing so.

What is the heart scale in Pokemon diamond version?

If you mine underground long enough, you will find them, but they are very small, so you have to look everywhere, you can also find them on wild Luvdisc

Where is luvdisc in Pokemon platinum?

in the water by were you can find shaymin

What level does luvdisc evolve in Pokemon emerald?

It doesn't